Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Diapering with Caboo Baby Wipes

This post was sponsored by Caboo Paper Products but all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support this little corner of the web. 

When Caboo Paper approached me about trying out some of their baby wipes, I was excited to accept after researching their brand.   They're made with renewable bamboo and sugarcane and 100% biodegradable.  Not only that, but they are perfect for newborn booties because they are fragrance free and don't have any added inks or dyes.

You can buy them are local health foods stores.  Check here for a list of retailers near you or you can buy here on Amazon. We're already almost two weeks in to using them, and even after countless diaper changes newborns go through, we have yet to get a diaper rash like with some of the other brands of wipes that dry out the little toosh.  We've used them in the nursery for nighttime and I even have a pack in my diaper bag for those rare occasions where I'm getting out of the house this early postpartum.  Check them out at Caboo Paper to learn more about this great brand. 

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