Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I'm really not super into Halloween and my favorite part about this holiday has always been to be at work.  I loved how busy it was and all the crazy calls we got. Since Noah didn't really get what it was all about the last couple of  years we've never really celebrated, but now we don't have a choice.  Noah totally gets it and now that he's been able to experience getting all the free candy, I don't think we'll ever get away with forgetting about it.

We went to Grand Valley and walked around the housing area where all the students were giving out candy.  Noah had a blast and was super cute heading to all the kids' apartments.  We made out with some really good candy which I'm super excited to steal.

Noah was really set on being a princess for the longest time and although a little leery I thought I would go with it.  Plus Peyton would have made a great frog.  Eventually, after walking around target we discovered a DocMcstuffins costume and he was insistent he wanted to be her.  No problem, plus I had a coupon.  Score.  When we went to try it on we realized it was super small and only came in one size.  Crazy enough, Noah had no problem wearing another doctor outfit and so we settled on that. Next year though, matching costumes for the kids.

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