Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Enjoying the Warm Winter Weather

I realize this is super late, but as usual, being a stay at home mom (not really, but still being on maternity leave) leaves me no time to keep up here.  Who knew all the extra time at home meant I was even more busy than working full time.  Luckily for us so far, this winter has been super warm and we've been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible until the dreaded snow arrives. A couple of weeks ago, Noah and I went for a late night walk to look at the stars and ended up in the backyard cuddled under a blanket while making up stories and looking for shooting stars.  Last week, we took Peyton out to explore outside.  We bundled him up in the stroller while Noah and I jumped in puddles and walked around in the rain.

Noah thought it was so great that we could go outside while raining.  Every kid should be able to run around outside and get wet and dirty.  Of course I made him take all his clothes off out in the garage after we were done. None of that dirt needed to get in the house. We ended up with huge collection of rocks and sticks after our walk and made the weirdest art project ever a couple of days later.  We literally glued the rocks and sticks to a paper plate and added random pieces of paper and felt.  He was so proud; he facetimed pretty much every single family member to show them his creation.  *art projects for cheap*

So we're hoping this weather continues as long as possible.  I'm looking forward to some playdates in the snow but lets be honest, I rather be at the beach than bundled up outside with the kiddos.

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