Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Picking a Christmas Tree

Once we moved into our new house last year and no longer had carpet, we decided it would be a great idea to head out and get a real tree.  I've never really been opposed just really grew up with artificial ones. Jeff on the other hand was able to go out with his family and cut one down often and I know how much he loved doing that, so now we get to do it too.  And no excuses because we don't have carpet anymore!  After lasts years not so great experience of going way too late, it getting dark and being way too cold, we made sure this year we were well prepared and the kids were ready to go.  We bundled them up nice and tight, headed out right after nap time and it worked out great!  We picked a tree out nice and fast and Jeff cut it while the kids and I explored.  We packed it up and had it up in the house in a couple of hours.  Much better than last year!

We decided to get different lights for our tree this year and didn't have enough, so we waited for a couple of days to get it all decorated.  Not Noahs not favorite idea.  I'm pretty sure he asked about the tree about a million times before we finally were able to decorate it. Then once we were all done he kept asking if we were sure we were done and why we didn't have more decorations to put up.  It's safe to say he's already enjoying the Christmas season.

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