Monday, April 3, 2017

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I'm starting to get really excited for the warm weather coming up.  We had such a nice mild weekend and we were able to go outside and kick the ball and catch some pretend bears with our blanket traps.  Peyton walked around the driveway in the walker while he watched Jeff and Noah run around.  Jeff also worked this weekend so we had to fill up some time with some fun activities.  Some worked, some did not.  We attempted to go on a walk on a new trail.  Peyton lost it and screamed the whole way, Noah decided he had enough after about 20 minutes and begged to go back to the car.  On the way back he fell of his bike and refused to get back on which means I pushed the stroller while I carried the bike back a quarter mile.  Needless to say, that part did not work out.  Peyton went down for a nap and Noah and I made dinner and we were back to normal.   On Sunday, we did get to make a special dessert during one of Peyton's naps.   Easter chocolate and cheesecake cupcakes topped with Easter sprinkles.  Noah is always such a good helper in the kitchen.  He loves to help me crack the eggs and use the hand mixer to mix everything up.  Of course he never passes up a chance to taste all the things.

With an empty weekend coming up and more nice weather ahead, maybe we can re-try our walk since Daddy will be home.  I'm ready to get the patio furniture out and start having dinners outside.  Not only is the sunset the best out on the lake, but there's so much less clean-up and that makes a happy Mom. 

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