Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer Walks

One of my favorite things lately, now that it's getting warmer is going on our after dinner walks around the street.  Peyton is so chill and just hangs out and Noah rides his bike riding way faster than he should and giving me heart attacks as he turns the corners.  Sometimes late at night, when the kids are tired I swear that's when they get the whiny face going and I feel like they need the most attention.  Being outside though makes everything better and re-sets their mood so we're ready to take baths and do our night time routine.

This weekend, although not after dinner, but after nap, we headed out as a family to GV for a walk.  That is by far the best place to walk around.   Now that is summer it's just slow enough that there aren't students everywhere and Noah can ride around without running into somebody.   I love taking pictures of the kids there too.  The trees and flowers are the best around the spring and summer and I snap away while they just hang out.  We get to talk about the buildings and show Noah where we lived while on campus.  We talk about what we want to learn when we go to college or look at the bugs and leaves on the ground.  So much to do!  But mostly, we get out energy our and it makes a great way to settle into a nap or into bed and that my friends, is easy parenting at it's best. ...as Jeff would say.

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