Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 25

Almost done with the second trimester!  It's going by much faster than the first one.  Hopefully the third trimester will fly by because I'm already ready for this little boy to cuddle with me on the couch.
 This weekend Jeff and  I went to Ikea to pick up the last of the big furniture and it's pretty much all set up.  I received the crib skirt in the mail yesterday and have some sewing projects to do.  
All the big furniture is in its place in the nursery. 
Maternity pictures are coming up next week, and baby shower date is set!
Things are really coming along.

  • How far along?: 25 Weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Head of cauliflower
  • Total weight gain/loss: 13 - double digits... holy cow.
  • Symptoms: The last couple of weeks baby had a growth spurt (obvious by my increase in size) and it's making my belly a little sore at night.  Also a little tired mid day but overall not too bad.
  • Sleep: Not too shabby
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nope.
  • What I miss: The energy I used to have.  Not talking about baby stuff in every conversation I have.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet:  We have one picked.
  • Movement: It's like gym class in there.
  • Maternity Clothes: Pants for sure, still doing ok with tops.
  • Labor Signs: N/A
  • Best Moment of the Week:  Just found out at the Dr. Appt today that because our little man was so wriggly during the 20wk ultrasound we get to have another one next month. Woop!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Maternity pictures are coming up!

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