Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boy Fall Favorites

This cooler weather we've been having has gotten me thinking how I really need to get some fall family pictures done so we have a cute Christmas card this year.  Now that Noah is around I just don't feel like I can slack and wait 'till the last minute as usual. Of course, with out crazy busy schedule in the fall we never have time to do anything, especially now that Noah takes like 90% of our free time, which leaves me to figure out a way to make these pictures work without a professional photographer.  Anyone want to come snap some photos?

Really though, I think we'll just have to make due with a mommy photoshoot in our back yard and see what happens.  And if we're not gonna have a great pictures we might as well look good, or at least Noah should. 
I've been eying a ton of cute outfits. I really need to do a good fall shopping trip.

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