Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Home Decorating

I've been meaning to do some fall decorating shopping for a while now.  Of course I waited 'till last week to go when most things are already being replaced with (dare I say *ugh*) Christmas things. I was at Pier1 for at least an hour looking around. Everything is so pretty, I wish I could decorate my whole house with their things.  I did end up bringging home a couple of things.

The chargers I got in gold and silver because I have these great silver and white snowflake plates from Target that I love for the winter; I thought they would look great together. You can't really find the dinnerware anymore so I'm glad I scooped them up when I did but you can still get the servewear here.  It's great for the winter.  The gold ones will look great with our everyday plates.  Now I've just got to get cooking.  Does anyone else not seem to find time to cook lately?  I really have to do some pre-planning so it's easier when I get home from work.

The rug ended up being a great find on sale!  We had a nice cushy one but it wasn't washable and it was getting really filthy.  Since we still wanted a cushy one we just put this one on top and it fit perfectly! The colors are also much more vibrant in person.  It really does remind me of fall... all the pretty colors of the leaves. 

Finally, the glass containers made it to the guest bathroom in the basement.  I filled it up with all the miscellaneous travel size toiletries I've collected.  This way, if our guests forget something, it's right there for them to use up. Looks much better than a plastic bag under the sink.

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  1. Ah I loveee those glass containers. Happy to be a new follower!