Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love Hate List

Love | The new Cartwheel app by Target - You say I can shop at Target even more than I already do and save money? Ok, I guess you forced me to take my fifth trip this month. Get it. Seriously.

Love | The Golden Sisters - If you're having a crappy day because your child wont sleep and keeps puking in your face.... you need to watch this.  It will for the very short time keep you immensely entertained.  The most hilarious three grandmas in the whole world. My favorite video below. Prepare to pee your pantalones.


Hate | Lame drivers - Don't drive like an idiot just because it's raining; It's gonna snow soon and you're gonna have major problems.

Love | Bath & Body Works - Just opened a new bottle of Rome Honeysuckle Amore and I'm loving it. Not quite ready to leave the summer smells behind and although I'm more of a Brown Sugar lotion type of girl I can't get enough of this smell.

Love | Fall TV - I love fall TV.  It occupies so much time for me at work when it's slow.  It's so nice to have things to catch up on.  Currently I'm loving: Once Upon A Time,  Revolution, The Blacklist, Nashville & Trophy Wife. And like a million other more, but these are for sure the favs.

Hate | Working weekends - Enough said.

Love | Whole Chickens -Ok, kind of creepy when you think about it but I just realized how amazing it is to cook a whole chicken.  Did I mention it was super easy too? For sure will have to write a recipe for it soon. It's like fall wrapped up in butter and herbs. Yum!

Love | Festive holiday garlands on Etsy - I mean, seriously, you can get anything you want in any color and shape and it makes decoration your house that much more awesome. My favorite shops so far are here & here.

Not so many hates right now but lots of loves!

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