Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Christmas Cards

Can you believe there are only eight more days 'till Christmas!? Life just passes by too quick.  This year especially.  I'm super excited this week for only a couple days at work and then we're off for a week and a half! I'm very much looking forward to spending some good quality time as a family.  Making dinners together, making some Christmas desserts, opening presents and mostly excited to see all the fun Noah is going to have this Christmas.  I can see it already, his most favorite part is going to be the tissue paper.
Ah!, the noise it makes... "and  look mom, I can eat it too!"
Actually, yesterday, I get home from the airport, (which let me tell you, mom life kicks in rather quickly after a vacation) I'm doing some cleaning around the house, replacing Noah's favorite toy, (the tissue boxes) and the kids starts eating the cardboard top! No lie, I turn around for maybe thirty seconds only to turn back and see Noah eating the cardboard top which is now so soaked from the massive amounts of drool that it's in a little ball so wet that the ball itself is drooling! I'm pretty sure he would have eaten it if I would have waited any longer.  I've realized that the time has come in a babys life when you just can't leave them unattended ever again; for the next twenty years anyway.

Ok, so in honor of the Christmas holiday, I thought it'd be fun to recap our Christmas cards since we've been married.  It's been almost four years!  Seems like much longer though.





This year was obviously my favorite. How can you not love that smile?
And, if you know me and wondered why you didn't get one this year.... 
I didn't order enough.  Mom brain fail!  We hope to see lots of people for Christmas and you can hug and kiss little Noah then.  Much better than a Christmas card anyway.

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