Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Christmas Tree

This year I made a point to get our Christmas tree up as soon as possible so that Noah could enjoy the bright lights and all the colors.  Surprisingly, he has been pretty uninterested.  Still, it's been great for me.  We trimmed down some of the "kids" ornaments and made room for some more adult ones.  I figure this is the time to enjoy an adult looking tree before your kids make lots of crazy looking ornaments.  Maybe then I'll get two trees!

I also had a ton of fun this year wrapping presents.  I wanted to all match under the tree. I'm laughing just reading at that comment, but whatever, I love that they all look like they belong under the same tree.  I used a lot of craft paper with pops of red and gold.  A little of green thrown in too.  That glitter ribbons looks awesome under the lights but as I quickly learned it's a pain in the ass to work with.  None of the glitter seems to stay on the ribbon.  Instead I vacuumed and dusted a million times and still I find glitter in random places.  Jeffs face, Noah's hair... it's a cleaning nightmare.

Finally, after looking everywhere for a great idea to display our Christmas cards and finding nothing I liked, I bought some Christmas garland from Mailbox Happiness on Etsy.  I feel like I could have made this myself but honestly, I don't have the time of the patience to do projects right now so this was super easy.   I used some clear pushpins and attached the garland right on the ceiling.  I also bought some cute mini clothespins that I painted with a glitter pen to attach the cards on the garland.  Way easy and turned out super cute!

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