Monday, May 12, 2014

Home-Made Garlic & Onion Bagel Chips

Have you ever noticed how crazy expensive bagel chips are at the grocery store? What is it about them that they have to hike up the price like that?  They are however pretty amazing and pretty much the only thing that I will eat with my hummus. So I rarely buy them at the store but we do like to make our own and they taste even better than the store version.  So here it goes.
6 Bagels
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Salt & Pepper

You know how I rarely measure things?  Ok, so this is one of them.  Seriously, it's pretty hard to mess up so just eye ball it and I promise they'll turn out great.

1. Turn the broiler on low.
2. Cut the bagels into pieces. In half, then in eighths ish. Again, you can eye ball this one. If you want them extra crispy cut them a little thinner.
3. In a large bowl add your bagel pieces, mix with lots of olive oil to cover the pieces.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Mix well.
4. Pop on a sheet pan and assemble in one layer.  You may have to do a couple of pans depending on the size of your pans.
5. Pans enter your oven and get nice and tosty for about five minutes. Take out a flip. Put back in oven for another two.  Make sure and watch them so they don't get too brown.
6. Let cool and enjoy with your favorite dip!

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  1. Great - I love those chips. Made with day old bagels these will be a lot more inexpensive. Thanks for sharing!