Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backyard Pool Time and Party Planning

In the span of two weeks around this time of the year we have three birthdays and an anniversary.  That's not to mention maybe graduations, weddings and tri season time.  We are busy this time of the year. There is a lot to do and a lot of fun to have had. Last weekend we celebrated Jeffs birthday with a simple dinner/date out and some yummy dessert. Cherry Lemon Bars on request of the hubby. Of course I rummaged through Pinterest with no luck to get the exact thing he wanted. And I thought, " Doesn't Pinterest just have everything? How could this be?"  So we had to adapt a little. We added juice of two lemons and some lemon zest to the base of the bars.  It worked out great and although I am not usually a fan of non chocolate desserts, this one made the cut.  I would recommend it for sure.

Next weekend we have my birthday, (eek, just another year closer to 30) Noah's birthday the day after, the tri the morning of, and guests arriving to visit.  Slightly worried that something may not get done.  We've made lots of lists. Groceries, To do's, guests lists.... so hopefully we'll get it all together and things will turn out as planned.  In the meantime, and you know, to get a little of the stress out, we've officially let summer into our lives and blew up the kiddy pool.  Noah LOVED it!  He just runs around the edges touching the water not letting his little bum touch the ground. Then when he gets bored he leans over the edge and of course tries to eat the grass. What a life he lives. =)

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