Monday, May 5, 2014

Family Weekend Fun

We had such a great family weekend together.  It's nice for both Jeff and I to be done working weekends finally!  Which means we get to all spend time together like normal people.  We took walks around the neighborhood. Made yummy dinners together, grilled out and even had time to try out a guava/cream cheese dessert recipe.  I took a nap too and those are hard to come by. It was nice to relax and enjoy days off work.
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With all the extra time I was able to start packing for our Mexico trip and I'm getting more and more excited just thinking about the warm weather and the lazy days eating all day, and sunning it up.  I'm super excited for the cooking lessons and the yoga and pilates classes.  This is a much needed break for both Jeff and I.

It was still a little chilly around here and although we braved it outside for a while it'll be nice for some warmer weather to come.  Noah is really ready to be outside.  With all the walking he's been doing, there's just not enough room inside for him to run around.  This kid has so much energy!

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