Monday, April 28, 2014

No... I'm not Mexican, but close

I've been secretly getting excited about Cinco De Mayo.  And no, I'm not Mexican.  (I am however Spanish) Apparently, to most people in this country it's pretty much the same.  We all speak Spanish, eat rice and beans... you know the same thing.  During my college years, I was very defensive that Mexicans and Spaniards were two different sets of people with very different ways of life.  I mean, if anything the countries are on two separate continents! ... but as time went on, I've learned to embrace the similarities and most of all Cinco De Mayo.  Another excuse to enjoy some delicious Mexican food and drinks! Who doesn't love a good themed dinner?

So in honor of Mexico and their culture we will be celebrating too.
For dinner, we'll be having some yummy quesadillas since apparently I make too many enchilladas as it is. (For you Andrew) Also some Mexican street corn.
For dessert, how about my personal favorite; churros - which by the way I had as a child living in Spain.  I have so many memories of the crunchy and gooey dessert dipped and super thick hot chocolate.  Personally, I claim them as being a Spanish dessert, but who really knows.

I like to use the Betty Crocker recipe you can find here. It's easy to make, doesn't have too many ingredients and you can dip them in whatever you want to make the super fancy.
Noah and I will also rock our festive wear too.  My "fiesta like there's no manana" sweatshirt and Noah's 'wanna taco 'bout it" shirt.  Similar here. Pictures to follow I'm sure.

What will you be doing for Cinco De Mayo?

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