Tuesday, April 8, 2014

College Buddies

Rewind back now ten years... ya TEN! and my younger, childless, unmarried, looking for fun self arrives to college a week early, because you know, you gotta go to work "early".  Except you take a secret trip across the country to see your boyfriend of a month you only met at a club.  Then you tell your new roommate that if your mother calls, (because we only had phones attached to the wall at the dorm) to tell her you're busy at the library studying already.  Now fast forward to now, and she's still my friend!  So either she's crazy or I was pretty darn awesome.

I tell you this story to set up the following pictures ten years later.  I went to visit my friend Shannon this week to catch up and see each others children.  And we never do this enough now because life is busy and we live way too far away from each other.  But regardless, we finally made it work! And can I just say "my oh my, life has changed!"  Ten years does a lot to a person!

Here we are a year after we met:

And yes, I am wearing bunny ears, and there is a creepy guy we picked up at our dorm to take to McDonalds only to find the next morning he left some crazy looking pills in the back seat.  And this was how we entertained ourselves during Spring Break because we were too poor to take a decent trip.  (And I actually did work a lot this week, Mom =)

But look at us now:
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All grown up with kiddies and the craziest thing we did all day was trying to wrangle our houdini children to take just one picture. And the best we could get was one with electronics in their hand. Ha!

And looking at these pictures just makes me so grateful that we had such a great time in our early years of friendship.  I miss those times, a lot, but I can say I didn't miss out at all.  It's nice to live a different life now; it's just a fun, maybe a little harder, but much more rewarding. Plus who knows, maybe our children will end up being roomies in about sixteen years.

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