Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Spirit

We're getting in the Easter spirit here at the Stoll household.  I did some Target shopping and found the cutest little bunny hat for Noah.  I'm walking down the isle, and I spot the hat and immediately think, "I've got to have that!" Plus how can you pass it up when it's in the dollar section?! Then I get my hands on it and think, "geez, this looks rather small, I think Noah's head is much bigger than this." but I still drop it in my cart, because, again, you can't pass up things in the dollar isle.  I should have listened to myself.  I'm craking up just looking at this picture.  I don't know why I thought this ever had a chance fitting this noggin.

Poor little ears sticking out and all. Haha. Noah, maybe your baby sister will be small enough to wear it someday.

On another note, I feel super accomplished to have finished his first Easter basket, and better yet, early! I really struggled with what to put in it though.  Obviously babys can't have candy and I'm not a huge fan of candy in baskets anyway.  People eat so many sweets as it is, I rather just not have the temptation.

I did end up finding some great things at Target though.  Most of their items are also on sale using the Cartwheel app. Bonus!  Always nice. I snagged up this cute little bunny sippy now that Noah's really starting to get the hang of it.  They have other colors for girls as well a a cute little lamb. Also some cute Pjs he can wear into summer.  Some pastel/spring t shirts, a fun peek a boo book, and of course a remote.  Noah's been obsessed with all of our remotes and will grab them any chance he gets.  I should have looked for a phone too because he's all over those as well!  I will say, phones and remotes are so great for walking bribery.  You can get him to go almost anywhere by moving them in the path you want him to walk.

Overall, I was very pleased with the options Target gave me.  Especially these cute little felt Easter baskets.  I'm sure this one will be used for a long time.  I liked them so much I almost bough one or two more for future children... I decided to wait though.  If I did that with everything I'd have a whole room full of stuff just waiting for me to pop some more kids out.

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