Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 45

I feel like every week that passes is my favorite week.  I wonder if there will be a week where I enjoyed him less than the week before.  His night time snuggles are the best.  He's really starting to figure out this walking thing and it's getting me so excited from playing outside in the summer.  He never sits still and has to be doing something at all times. Is this just a boy thing or a baby thing? I know it can't be just a Noah thing.
I've given up on taking these weekly pictures without a toy; some kind of distraction.  He just rolls over and goes away!  Here we have his favorite toy in the whole wide world.  Rufus the dog.  He sleeps with it every night and sucks on the tag on his butt.  lol. He will hate me for this one day.  At least he doesn't take a pacifier, right?
  • Noah is how big?: 24 lbs, 31.5in
  • Stats: Size 3-4 diapers | 12mo or 18mo clothing | Tries to do sit ups || Stands holding on to objects | Can sit to stand | Still only army crawls | Starting to put things together, stacking cups, stacking rings...etc | Walk holding onto objects | Takes 4-6 steps on his own | Sleeps with his butt in the air |
  • Sleep: Sleeping consistently from 7:30pm to 7:30am. Naps three times during the day. A morning, an afternoon (both 1.5-2hrs) and a cat nap (45min)  We're slowly starting to drop that third nap. Some days if he naps longer the first two we cut the third one out.  He should be at two by his birthday.
  • Milestones: He took like eight steps this weekend unassisted.  Both Jeff and I looked at each other very impressed. 
  • Mom Check-in: I feel like I've been working every weekend lately and it's starting to get a little old.  This weekend will be my last until the fall! About time.  Not looking forward to work in the summer, it's just so slow. This however means I'll be taking tons of time off to spend with the boys.
  • Best Moment of the Week: He was great all Easter day and was really fun to hang out with.  He loves his parents so very much.  It's good to finally feel loved by your child. Now we have to get him to say I love you.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: I really should be packing for Mexico.  It seems so far away, and it's not!  I got to get it together.  I did order some cute summer skirts from Old Navy last week.  Excited to get them in the mail.  I also bought two post pregnancy bathing suits I'll be rocking for the first time so that should be something to get used to.

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