Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

How was your Easter weekend?  I'd like to say we had the whole weekend to enjoy this nice weather but both Jeff and I had to work on Saturday, boooo!, so we made the best of Sunday and spent most of the day with the family.   We had a great Easter brunch and Noah even had his own highchair.  Thank goodness too because I was coming in thinking how big of a mess it would have been otherwise. 

We had Noah all dressed up in his Sundays best but it only lasted about an hour when it was time to play.  He did make a great entrance though.

After brunch we came back home to open up Easter baskets, do our egg cracking contest... (did not win unfortunately), and just hang out for a while.  We tried to have Noah take a nap in his pack and play but he pretty much refused.  He must have just wanted to hang out with the fam too.

We put Noah in some comfier clothes and went outside to take some family pictures.  Note to first time parents: if you want to take nice pictures, probably not a great idea to wait 'till the end of the day.  That should be the first thing you do!
We're lucky to have so much family together for holidays. Happy first Easter Noah!

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