Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well, after the nice week off work, and our fun Anniversary trip to Detroit, we finally made it to the weekend.  And it was just Noah, Jeff and I.  I love weekends together with no plans.  Noah and I made it to Target, yet again this week for some errands and a quick grocery trip to hold us over until grocery day.  Of course I ended up picking up a couple of things for myself.  Target always gets you!

We spent the rest of the day exploring the back yard and walking literally E-VE-RY-WHERE!  The kid just doesn't stop.  And of course I'm constantly picking things out his mouth since I'm pretty sure he thinks everything that fits into his mouth is food.

There is no rest for parents.  You just don't know what tired is until you have children.  I can't believe I ever thought I was tired before... especially in college.  "Oh, I'm just going to take another two hour nap, just because I'm tired..."  Ugh.  Can we go back to random two hours naps ever? Maybe when he's a teenager?

By the time we made it inside for dinner and bed, the kid was out like a light-bulb.  The best sound in the world is silence.  Of course by the time he woke up the next morning Noah was ready to go all over again and very refreshed unlike me who was still a zombie at eight.  And that's sleeping in too.

We tried to go to church in the morning and realized as soon as we made it into the empty parking lot we must have missed the memo on the change of time. Bummer.  Of course; Noah's nap time is at ten and really wont make it much past then so we crossed our fingers and headed to another church only to make it about half way before Noah lost his marbles.  So, we went home for nap time and decided for some splash pad fun afterwards.

And, as anything with water always is, it was a success! First though, Jeff and I had to figure out how to turn the dang thing on.  We just stared at it for at least a good fifteen minutes while two moms (who I'm sure knew what was going on considering their pack of kids) just sat there and stared at us, and I'm pretty sure laughed to one another while we contemplated if maybe the water just turned on by itself on a timer...  Sure enough some kid runs around and presses the smallest button on earth and makes us feel like total idiots as all the water starts spraying everywhere.

Once it got started though, it was great. Lots of squeals and laughs coming out of Noah.

It was so hot, and so great being outside with Noah.  We just love when he's happy.  We finished our night with some dinner, bath and bed.  Then I cleaned like a maniac from our fun filled week and was out the second I hit the bed.

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