Monday, April 13, 2015

Breaking in Our Kitchen

I guess I really forgot to mention, but, we're offcially in the house!  We've actually been "moved in" for a week now and time really just passed us by as we're trying to settle into a new house.  I wont even talk about the basement or the garage as they are full of boxes and anything that we haven't set up on the main floor yet.  They are a complete mess.  Even though we don't have a driway yet and can't park the garage, even if we did, we probably wouldn't be able to make it in for at least another month.  Currently we don't even have furniture in the basement since our old furniture wouldn't fit, so that's still out in the garage.  I don't even know when I'll get down there to start putting things together.

Good news is, the main floor and the upstairs seem to be coming together nicely.  Our kitchen and living room are looking pretty good.  We really just have decorating left to do, but the big pieces are in and things are getting organized and finding their forever home.  My favorite so far are those curtains.  We found them at home goods as we were scouting the store for the first time and they are perfect. Of course, I feel like I'll be putting this house together forever.  Can't you just see a little console table behind the sectional?  Maybe a chair to the left of the fireplace?  We still need a rug and are planning to get a new sectional... but for only being in the house a week, this is pretty good.

So as you can see we spent a lot of time working our the house, especially when Jeff was home to do some heavy lifting and manly things.  After he went to work, Noah and I spent most of the time in the kitchen testing out or new appliances and making yummy food.  First up were cookies.  Noah loves cookies and now knows that he can lick the beaters when I'm all done.  He tries to sneak those hands in the bowl when I'm not looking but you know, I've got mom eyes everywhere. =)

I love to be in the kitchen, especially when Noah is helpful and enjoying cooking with me too.  I am however really excited for the warm weather coming up.  This weekend was a little tease into summer.  We were able to take a nice long walk outside and look at all of our new neighbors.  Noah played in the dirt with his new sand toys and I attempted to put together some patio furniture.  Two pieces down... a million more to go.  

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