Monday, April 27, 2015

Graduations & Showers

It's that time again, you know when wedding season starts.  This year we're so far only invited to two but both Jeff and I are in one and both are traveling weddings so we're in for a busy summer.  This weekend was full and went by super fast and I'm pretty sure I did not sleep nearly enough.  Noah of course got sick after his first week at daycare and poor guy has been stuffed up and coughing all weekend.  On Saturday he even had a fever so we ended up having to come home early and let him rest. 

Molly graduated from GVSU - Go Lakers! and we spent most of the day out of the house either brunching or enjoying the graduation.  We were so lucky to have been able to get a suite for our family and Noah was able to run around instead of being seated for the three hours.  No way that kid would of made it. 

So instead of waiting around after graduation, we left quickly and got Noah home to rest.  We were up throughout the night sucking out buggers and changing diapers but by Sunday he was feeling a little better.  We headed out as a family to the east side to celebrate my soon to be sister in law's wedding shower. Jeff worked hard to entertain Noah throughout the day.  He was such good help. With nowhere to nap, he ended up sleeping here and there in the car and we made it work.

We ended our busy weekend with a trip to IKEA which was not nearly as long as it should have been.  Noah slept in the car with Jeff while I started the trip and they met me half way.  We had a couple things that we for sure needed to get, like picture frames and a table for Noah so it was pretty quick.  Of course, with Ikea being so far away it pained me to leave without looking a every single thing in the store.  I told Jeff we'll have to make a trip soon without Noah and do it again. 

I'm so happy to be back at work today though.  After a busy weekend I can't wait to have some peace and quiet in the office and hopefully catch up on some sleep the rest of the week!

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