Monday, May 25, 2015

Cutest Summer Sleepwear for Toddler Boys

The weather is finally getting warmer around these parts and although I'm loving it, poor Noah is already sweating bullets, I can't even imagine what warmer weather will do to him.  He must be a winter baby or just has all that baby blubber that still keeps him warm.  So even though I'm still sleeping in long pants it's time for Noah to get some summer pjs. Lucky for me I happened to pick up one larger size summer pj last year for a steal and I found it in the bottom of the "buy now, wear later" bin. That has lasted us the last two weeks of hit or miss hot night weather but it's time to stock up on summer pjs. I've rounded up a couple picks of the cutest boys sleepwear the inter-webs have to offer.

One \\ Two \\ Three \\ Four \\ Five \\ Six

I love summer pjs.  Those chunky legs running around my house. =)
But lets not forget us girls.  I've been eyeing some summer pjs for me too.  This cute little short sleep set is perfect for lounging in all weekend long.  And do you think if I run errands is these shorts anyone will notice they're for bed?  I'm that person.

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