Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Update - Sick Baby & Lots of Cuddles

This weekend was such a roller coaster with Noah and I being injured and sick.  On Friday as I was playing with Noah I put my thirty-five pound child on my shoulders and of course hurt my neck.  I didn't think it was that bad until I woke up Saturday morning and literally could not move my head in any direction.  I ended up in urgent care most of the morning and was dosed up on meds the rest of the weekend trying to mend.  At the same time, Noah was fighting another cold.  Thank you daycare.  All the wanted to do was cuddle with mama.... not that I'm complaining.   We spent most of Saturday attached as we both tried to get better.

On  Saturday, I was feeling a little better so we got to working around the house and got a couple of projects done.  Our rug came in so we set that down.  We hung up some pictures in the living room and installed some lights outside.  And of course a lot more cuddling from the little guy.  He still needed some extra love.

The house is finally starting to take shape.  We got our sectional ordered so now we're patiently waiting for it to arrive so we can move the living room furniture downstairs and start working on the basement.

Jeff and I took Monday of for a little extra time together and what I great idea that was. I was finally able to move around, although I'm pretty sure I was going through withdrawals from that crazy pain medicine.  I took two little tablets and after they wore out for at least all of Sunday morning I was sweaty and tingly in my arms and felt like I was going to throw up.  Ugh.  That's why I refuse to take meds unless I really have to.  Anyway, Monday we had set up to get some family pictures done with a new photographer and they were so amazing.  The weather was perfect and the location so gorgeous.  The best part though was our photographer.  I'm mad I hadn't found her earlier because she was so nice and was great with Noah.  It just felt like we were hanging out at the park.  Like night and day from our last photographer.  And we found out she lives less than a mile from us! If you live in the Grand Rapids area definitely check her out.
Oh ya... and she had already had fifteen previews done within a couple of hours.  So great.

When we got home we pulled out the pool and enjoyed the warm weather and watched the construction guys tear our our beach and put sand down.  Did you hear that, we have a beach!  I never thought we would be so lucky and Noah is really going to enjoy it this summer. To finish out our long weekend we went to our first parent teacher conferences and out for dinner.  Noah is amazing. He loves to clean up and help the teachers.  Just like his mama.

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