Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Can we even say weekend when I was on vacation for five days?  Maybe week?  ...and the best part is that I'm back at work just today and then back off for three more days.  That's what summer should be all about, right?

This weekend there was some good progress on the house.  We had the concrete laid out and the beach put in just in time to enjoy the nice weather. We got some planters full of flowers for the deck and the front port and a big pot of raspberries for the patio. We spent lots of time outside when it wasn't raining and Noah is loving going on walks right now which is so nice.

On the downside I was still dealing from the pain of my neck injury of last week and then I scratched my cornea a couple of days ago so I was mending half the time while Jeff took care of Noah.  To top it off I was walking through Meijer yesterday and out of nowhere slid (on nothing) and fell right on my knee and I have the biggest bruise known to man.  Anyone feel like after kids they started getting hurt/injured/clumsy all the time?  Could be the lack of sleep or forgetting to eat enough but seriously, I've got to get it together here!

We finished out the long weekend with a Memorial day walk to GVSU.  It's so crazy to see the campus so empty on a holiday.  We got some great pictures of Noah and he got to run around anywhere he liked.

We've got more relaxing on the way this weekend as well as a fun wedding shower and hopefully some more good weather for the pool/beach.  I'm hoping to finish up a couple of house projects and photograph the house now that it's starting to look more put together. I've got a major cleaning day ahead of me, lots of laundry and bathroom/kitchen cleaning so of course we'll have another busy and fast weekend pass us by!

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