Monday, August 17, 2015

Dinner Date on the River

It's Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids and it's one of my most favorite weeks of the year.  We're already planning a date at the end of the week to try out some new yummy food at our favorite restaurants.  For people in the area we always recommend and Cygnus.  Both really great.  We had plans to take Noah on a family date to a new restaurant, but after a long week at work and not wanting to make any effort to dress up, we decided instead to bring some pizza and eat by the river.  We have a favorite spot tucked in under the trees and we eat on the back of the car and enjoy the water and some peace and quiet.  It was just what we needed. 

After dinner we stopped by the walking trails and took a little "burn your energy off before bed" walk.  Noah is just so funny, and I'm sure every mom thinks their kid is hilarious but I just crack up all the time at how goofy he is.  Currently he's been working on jumping like a bunny and telling mommy and daddy he loves them.  He melts my heart.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the beach, playing in the water with the dump trucks while I cooled off and got some sun.  The weather here has been super hot and this weekend we had 95% humidity so that didn't help.  It was nice to have the water around for a fun weekend activity.  It almost makes up for the lack of grass we've had this summer.  We have one week and one weekend left before life as we know it is over and college students move back in, which means Jeff and I are super busy working stupid long hours. (Mostly Jeff though)  So, we're gonna enjoy our time together this weekend with grandma and grandpa and head out to the farmers market for some juicy peaches and hopefully some fresh doughnuts before the fall is officially here.

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