Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites - Lounge at Home

You know, Jeff and I looked at Noah a couple of days ago and thought, "this kid looks bigger".  We took out the tape measure, and sure enough, he's grown and inch a a half in the last two months since his check up, and hasn't gained any weight, which I suppose is good since the doctor thought he was slightly overweight. *cough* I think he's wrong, but we'll agree to disagree.  I'm loving all the new fall stuff coming out already but Noah growing so much makes me wonder if I should wait to buy anything!  Either way, I can't help myself but to at least look and maybe get a couple things for myself while I wait.

I'm a sucker for pj's and comfy clothes, and I would live in them constantly if it was socially acceptable to walk out of the house like that.  Especially for work. I found these super soft modal pj's that will be great for the transition weather at the end of the summer and perfect for cuddling Noah in the morning.  Did I mention he actually wants to cuddle now?  It's the best.  And I can't start the end of summer without stocking up on some new lounge pants and I found my first pair.  I'm loving the space dye color. Grey forever.

I've been in need to switch out my beauty products for a while so I've been trying some new ones out.  My favorites so far are this Garnier Scrub which I use in the shower every day.  I used to use the Apricot Scrub which although I still love, is a little rough when my skin is feeling sensitive so the Garnier one is nice on those more gentle days.  Plus it leaves my skin feeling minty tingly.  When I have a little extra time I like to do something special so I use this clay mask and makes my skin feel really clean, plus Noah loves to join in with me. And on the weekend when I don't really care too much but still want to look somewhat put together, I use Garniers' BB cream which has been super great for the summer with spf added.  I add a little bronzer and some mascara and I'm good to go.

Of course I can't not look for Noah.  I'm already looking at buying 3T pjs for the fall and winter season and Halloween stuff is already coming out so even more choices. These spider ones are really cute and Gap ones are always so soft.   Plus he can still wear them after Halloween without looking like he's still celebrating.  And I couldn't help myself but to look at the girls section because hopefully someday I'll get to shop there and really that's who wins the most when it comes to clothes because the girls section is the cutest every single season. 

Looking at all these comfy warm clothes really makes me excited for fall.  I mean, fall really is the best season, right?  So bring on the crisp weather so Noah and I can cuddle in bed, watching some Doc and sipping on some warm tea.... in just a couple more months.

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