Saturday, April 16, 2016

Summer Projects and Transitioning to a New Room

It's finally hit warmer weather around here where we can go out in short sleeves and enjoy the weather.  I picked Noah up the other day from school and he was sweating he was so hot and yet he was so happy.  This is going to be a great summer for this kid with the beach and just being outside running around.  We've slowly started looking into some of our summer projects seeing what can be done and when.  It looks like my dream garden will be put on hold since it's ridiculous amounts of money I wasn't aware it would cost.  We should be able to do the front yard and the wall by the beach, so at least, little by little we'll be able to get things done.  My garden though will just have to be either a couple of large pots or a little plot of land somewhere. Bummer.  In the meantime, we'll be enjoying this amazing weather getting done what we can.

The biggest news though has been Noah moving in to his big boy bed over the last week.  We've been ordering items for his big boy bedroom for a month now.  The mattress had been sitting in a spare room waiting for the bed but of course we needed to find time for a trip to Ikea to get it first.  We finally made it out and finished it all this week so Noah has been sleeping in there for the last week.  I have yet to snap some more pictures so I'll save that for another day but let me just say, I may have worried a little too much about the transition.  I should have just trusted that we have an amazing child who for the most part makes life pretty easy for us. It's been going great so far.  Fingers crossed it continues.

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