Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

What a full weekend this was.  We did so many fun activities and saw so many people.  Noah said last night his favorite part of the day was everything, which was no surprise. We started our long weekend by heading to the Michigan high school boys basketball finals.  A tradiction in Jeffs side of the family.  Jeff has been going since he was little with his family and spending all weekend watching basketball.  Now that Noah is old enough, I brought him over for a couple of games on the last day and he had such a great time. Probably his most favorite part though was after the game when we all ate outside on the parking ramp and he got to run around like a wild child playing with balls.

Early Saturday morning before we left for the basketball games Noah found his special magic beans waiting for him.  I had been talking them up for days and he was pretty pumped to see what they were all about.   We headed out and "planted" them in the front yard.  At first he tried to eat them but with hopes they would become lolly pop flowers in the morning he was easily distracted and we threw them all out one by one.

On Sunday of course he ran down in the morning to see if the Easter bunny had left him a basket.  He was for sure it was going to be a red one.  Apparently the Easter bunny didn't get that memo but he was still just as excited.  We opened up all the presents one by one.  He of course wanted to eat everything and play with every single thing he got.  We settled on the play-dough while waiting for breakfast and that was a huge hit.

Once we got dressed and settled into the morning we headed out to find our magical beans had turned into lollipops and that was super exciting to Noah as he picked each lollipop and asked to open and eat

We headed to church and finished the day with family.  We did little work this weekend with so many people around and even though it was jammed packed it was still very relaxing and fun.  It was really great to see Noah finally enjoy himself and understand things as we explained to him what was going on.  Really one for the books.

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