Monday, March 14, 2016

We Finally Made it Outside!

The weather finally warmed up around here and I can stand to be outside for more than five seconds without freezing by butt off. We ventured outside this weekend to check out the property.  We have lots of plans for the landscaping this summer and we were talking it all out realizing how much work we have ahead of us.   For starters, we would like to make a rock wall by the beach to separate the lawn area from the beach.  That will for sure entail planting something behind it to make it pretty.  Then we have the area to the left of the front door which I have big plans for planting a birch tree and filling the area with lots of flowers.   And lets not forget our garden.  We made it through last summer without one, but it's just not the same.  We need to make lots of room for Noah and I to do our vegetable garden this summer so the sooner the better because it wont be long before planting season is here. ...and that's just the start of our list.

On Saturday night we ate dinner early so we could have time to enjoy a fire and eat smores.  Noah was so excited about the fire yet kept pointing out of hot it was and staying as far away as possible.  He couldn't get enough of the smores and kept asking for more.  Jeff said only one.  I budged at two. =)

Sunday, Jeff had to go back to work but Noah and I made the best of it by spending lots of time in the kitchen.  Noah's been all about helping out and "making pancakes".  He takes out all the utensils known to man, pulls up his stool to the counter and goes to town telling me how he's making pancakes.  He entertains himself most of the time I'm in the kitchen so win for mom, plus it's really cute constantly eating fake pancakes...and cupcakes.

We ended our weekend by bringing some food to a friend who had back surgery.  Noah was so excited to see Ms. Kaye and her doggies.  He laughed the whole time while her kids had dance parties and blew bubbles.  This kid needs a sibling for sure. Or maybe a dog, but that isn't happening.
We have another busy week ahead of us.  Crossing our fingers we can pick up our new car today since Jeffs' car completely died after a cracked frame and over 200 miles on it.   We can say we got good use out of that for sure.  Grandma Jan is visiting for a couple of days so Noah is pumped, and then we have a crazy busy weekend full of work for Jeff and I.  Living the life over here. =) Cheers!

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