Sunday, March 20, 2016

33 Months

Short update this month, mostly I just wanted to document some fun pictures Noah and I have been taking while spending lots of time together.

He's really becoming quite the mamas boy and I can't say it's the worst. One of the things I love about Noah the most right now is how much he is unaware of the amount of girly things he does. We were talking the other day about how we're going to move him to a big boy bed and we're going to re-decorate and one of the first things he said after telling me he wanted red sheets was that he wanted to paint his walls pink. And as we walk into Target to try on shoes he immediately picks out some leopard and pink slip ons... can't say I blame him. Girl stuff is way cute. I'm sure he'll grown out of it as he spends more time at school with other kids, but as of now I love that we can share in the same interests for girly things.

He's a great companion as we take trips and spend time together. He loves to cook and bake with me and will pull up his stool and try everything I'm doing. We obviously both love being in the kitchen and share a love for food as I recently noticed half of my Instagram pictures included food. =) Ooops. Good thing this kid keeps me active.

For whatever reason life seems to have gotten busy around here and maybe even harder than I remember last year being. Both Jeff and I work so much and we split our time with Noah like single parents. But as much as it's hard sometimes I need to remind myself that although Noah enjoys spending time with both of us he really is lucky to have so much one on one time with both of his parents. There are a lot of things that Noah does with me that he doesn't do with Jeff and the same the other way around. We really only have a couple more weeks together before school lets out and our schedules slow down. We'll have a lot more time together as a family of three but until then here's to enjoying my snuggly funny Noah as much as I can.

  • Size: 37 lbs | 39in tall | 3T-4T clothing
  • Random Notes: Not a lot new to note this month.  We are getting closer to finding a date to go to Ikea and pick up big boy room items for Noah. Once that's done we'll be busy re-decorating the room.  I'm thinking something industrial with a little bit of a sports theme mixed in.  He's already excited to watch sports on TV just like daddy and I'm sure it won't be getting any less so I think it'll be a good room to grown into as he gets bigger. So far we've purchased a couple of things like his comforter and sheets and I've had my eye on a great end table at Target.  Just waiting for it to go on sale.
  • Mom Check-In: The time change went great.  Both Noah and I adjusted great to it.  Noah even started to sleep in a little more.  For a week that is... he's back to waking up at six.  Such a downer.  Jeff of course never gets enough sleep so it didn't really impact him all that much. The warm weather finally started to creep and and it's getting me excited to get outside with Noah.  Do beach stuff, work on the yard, start our garden.  Lots to look forward to this summer. 

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  1. Great,Noah is growing up fast will be up in a few months to see you all