Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Transitioning to a Big Boy Room

So we finally did it.  It was about time and Noah needed to get his butt out of a crib so we can use it in the nursery.... soo we did it. After all the worrying I did, it worked out just fine.  Noah has been sleeping great from day one minus the random wake-up he had two nights ago.  Even then, he just cried out for us and didn't get out of his bed.

We really talked it up for Noah for about a month before he actually slept on the crib.  I had the mattress out in the nursery and had sheets on it.  We read books at night on it and just played on it during the day.  He really loved it and was excited to get to try it out for real so I think that really helped.   Jeff and I (mostly Jeff) put his room together while he was in school one day and we let him know that it would be all ready for him when he got home that day.  The first thing he did when he got home was run upstairs and check it out. Then he spent the rest of the evening testing it out and reading books.

I was a little worried the first night when I said good-night because he was definitely whiny and didn't want us to leave, but after about five minutes he conked out and that was it.  He didn't wake up 'till the morning.  I will say cuddling at night and reading books has been much more comfy for me though.  It's nice for both of us to lay in bed together and sometimes I even dose of with him I'm so tired.
I finally took some time to take pictures of the room so here it is in all it's glory.  And hoping not to have to re-decorate 'till he's in high school, right?  I'll source the items bellow.

Hemnes Dresser - Ikea | Hemnes Bed - Ikea | Quilt - Target | Circo Curtains - Target / No longer available online, in store only) | End Table - Target | Pomps - Etsy

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  1. Cute! You have such great taste. And it sounds like a congratulations may be in order?