Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer Days & Toddler Sleep Problems

You want to know what the great thing about summer is? Well, this summer anyway, I'm only working four days a week which means I get to skip the boring work days and spend more time at home doing things I want to do.  You know, like taking naps, and making food and snuggling with Noah.  Wait, who am I kidding.  This almost three year old wants none of that unless he's trying to keep me in bed at night just a little longer.

Remember last post when I said sleeping in his own big boy bed went amazing for the last month and we never had a problem?  I spoke too soon.  For the last week Noah refuses to go to bed, cries and cries and even one night ran out of his bed after me.  It was the worst.  Like I was laughing outside the door it was so crazy all while crying at the same time.  It makes me sad when he's sad but like, it's bed time dude, and I need my alone time so go to bed.  He's been waking up in the middle of the night once or twice almost every night this week.  The first couple of times we would go in and snuggle but realized he wasn't falling asleep while we were next to him to him plus he would try and tell us he peed his pants when he didn't.  Smart cookie.  We finally started to let him cry it out a little more and that has seemed to help as he cries less and less at night when he wakes up. Still, this sleep thing is crazy.  Who knew three year olds still had problems sleeping?   I think other parents fail to mention that when they talk about having kids.

I'm hoping he goes back to his normal sleep patterns of sleeping like a champ for twelve hours.  Maybe his teething might have something to do with it, or he might be coming down with something with his runny nose and slight coughing.  Who knows.   What I want to know is when do kids really start sleeping through the night?  Like forever.  I seem to remember sleeping in 'till the late morning in high school.  Is that really just in high school, because that sucks.

But back to the original topic; summer really is great.  I'm just waiting for the weather to get warm enough to spend some time on the beach with Noah.  Lounging on a blanket on our grass that's finally starting to look good, eating dinners on the deck so I have less kitchen to clean at night... these are the good days.

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