Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monochromatic Baby Nursery

As I mentioned on Instagram last week, our plans for this weekend were to leave Noah with the grandparents, get a ton of stuff done around the house, and spend one last weekend together without kids before the madness of having two begins.  We did a ton of outdoor work to the house. Finally got a new mower after the other one died out, planted some new grasses and flowers and mulched all the beds and the berries by the beach.  With most of the nursery complete I only had a couple of things left on my list.  We brought up the baby toys and organized the closet.  We got the best deal ever on a MamaRoo bouncer which I have been eyeing for like forever, and set that up in the room too.  We really are officially done with the exception of printing out some pictures, so this baby can come any minute now... well, maybe in a couple of weeks.

Charleston Glider - Target
Blackout Curtains - Target
Dresser - IKEA
Black & White Blanket - IKEA
Quilt & Crib Sheet - Little Unicorn
Crib - Target (Old)
Triangle Pouf - Target
Garland - A Little Lark
Triangle Decals - Just The Frosting

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