Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our Christmas Week

We should really call it our Christmas Weeks plural, because we pretty much celebrated for two full weeks. It was crazy, and busy, and fun, and so exhausting and we had a great time but work never looked so good.  Did I say how exhausting it was?  We started out sick, first me, then Noah, then Jeff and then I'm pretty sure we passed it on to about ten people in our family.  There was a lot of throw up, night showers, puking in toilets and lots of laundry.  Some of us missed parts of days sleeping and the other ones took care of other people.  It was tough.  But in the middle of it all we did get to hang out and enjoy each other and have fun times.  Luckily for all of us, no one had too much food this holiday since we were all sick so at least we're starting the new year without a couple extra pounds.  Gotta find the good things in in life.

We started our Christmas at home opening presents just the four of us.  Of course Noah and Peyton both decided to sleep in even though I was up bright and early.  Santa must have done a good job because Noah seemed pleased even though he didn't get much from his Christmas list. Peyton had no idea what was going on but was a good sport and let Noah play with his toy.  We had a visit from Santa and went to family's house to spend a couple days with other family. We opened way too many gifts and stocking stuffers and finally made it back home.

The last couple days of break we spent recovering from all the madness and I finally feel like I accomplished things.  We got all the laundry done and folded, caught up on cleaning and took down all of the Christmas decorations which was a huge deal.  Looking at the house it's nice to finally be able to start the year fresh.  No New Years resolutions for me.  I always feel like if you want to do it, you just do it, so I'm going to continue enjoying life and spending as much time with family as we can.  Trying to take care of myself and have some alone time to give myself some sanity and really just trying to be healthy while enjoying life as much as I can.  And just try to survive!  Happy New Year!

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