Saturday, February 4, 2017

Life with the Boys

We're finally getting to the point where Noah is slightly more interested to "play" with Peyton.  He'll give him kisses and hugs, give him a toy back when he drops it and pushes him around in the walker when he gets stuck.   That's the best.  I love seeing Noah playing with Peyton and being such a good big brother.  Peyton is also in love with Noah.  He smiles so much when he sees him and I'm pretty sure Noah is his favorite person. Even if Noah does occasionally hide from Peyton.
We've gotten in a good routine around the house.  We're finally over most of the sicknesses, everyone is sleeping at night and has a good schedule during the day and things are running smoothly most of the time. I'm already looking forward to summer.  I can't wait 'till Peyton starts walking, the weather gets warmer and we can run around in the grass, go on walks and play on the beach. For now, I'll take all the cuddles inside while we sit by the fireplace and I'll sit back while the boys play together.   Life is good.

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