Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Peyton - 27 Weeks Old

Noah 26 Weeks
Yes, Peyton is 27 weeks old, but most important; It's Valentines Day!  My most favorite day of the year.  How great that we get to show the people we love, just how much we love them.  I know we should do this everyday, and although I'd like to think I do show my love here and there, this holiday is always a good reminder and a great jumping off point for the rest of the year. I took the morning off work today and I surprised Jeff and Noah by staying home and making some of Grandmas cinnamon rolls, and some eggs and bacon. I'm excited to see Noahs face when I give him his giant dog and some bath bombs which he loves to bathe with.  For Jeff, some hand made pocket hearts we can exchange and hide so we'll find them when we're thinking of each other.  Noah helped me make them and was a great helper stuffing the hearts when I was ready to sew them up.   He's been told what they're for and is really excited to hide them around the house for everyone to find.  Not to mention he said we, "have to make sure and give all the hearts kisses before we hide them to make sure daddy knows we love him..."  He's the sweetest most romantic kid ever.

Anyway, on to the update, right?

  • How old is Peyton?: 27 Weeks
  • Peyton is how big?:  18 lbs | Size 3 diapers | 6-9mo clothes
  • Sleep: ...and we're still still still swaddling, and just like last month, still chicken to let him be unswaddled.  Anyone else out there like me?  Yikes... I should really work on this, or really it'll work itself out when he can't fit into the swaddle any longer, right?  Otherwise though, he sleeps great, 12+ hours straight through the night so I'm not really complaining.  During the day he's still on the same schedule so it's really predictable and I'm loving it.
 Up for the day around 8
 Nap an hour later
 Nap 1: 1.5-2 hrs
 Up for 1.25 ish hours
 Nap 2: 1.5-2 hrs
 Up for 1.25 ish hours
 Nap 3: 1-1.5 hrs
 Up until about 7p
 Down for the night around 7-7:30p
  • Milestones: Food-wise, he's eating everything we give him.  We're slowly adding more and more food.  He's starting to take more solids at mealtimes and we've offered him some puffs which he's not really into but he is practicing picking up.  Once in a while he gets one. He's doing much better sitting and is much stronger.  He can pick up toys pretty easily and transfers them to the other hand or in his mouth.  I'm pretty sure he's teething but no sign of a tooth yet.   And finally, he's getting a little better at crawling although it's more like a little scoot on his tummy.  He can get up on all fours and then just rocks forward and back. 
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: We're heading of to San Diego this weekend to my sisters wedding.  We're going to do some sightseeing while we're visiting and we're staying a couple extra days to take it all in.  Can't wait to finally see her walk down the isle and become a wife!  P.S.   I should get writing on that maid of honor speech.  *Yikes*

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