Sunday, July 24, 2011


I can't believe how much pink fabric I have now after finishing this quilt. I went to Fields not really knowing what I wanted but after looking at all the fabric in the pink section I new what I wanted to do.  A Pink Strippy Quilt!

I started out by cutting all the strips in varying lengths and arranging them so they looked good to the eye.

I sewed them together and after making the quilting sandwich I quilted them also in  a straight line pattern about a 1/4 in from the edge of each fabric.

Turns out that straight line quilting is slightly harder than I originally thought.  Mostly because there is just no room for mistakes.  You really have to pay attention and make sure everything is super straight.

I bound it in a pretty Kona solid, and you can kinda see the backing which is a light pink and white flannel so you know it'll be super soft after it's washed.

...and finally the final product.  Still needs to be washed in this picture and it's so much more crinkly and soft after it was washed. I definitely recommend washing the quilts before selling or giving them away. 

Tada!  and if you are interested in purchasing this little baby you can do so at my shop!

It measures 40"x40" washed and it should not shrink much more after more washes.

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