Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Wrap Up

We're finally approaching 33 weeks, (tomorrow that is) and in a way it's going really fast, and somehow also feeling super slow.  It's been a busy couple of weeks and I feel like I've gotten a ton done but still feeling like a have so many things left to do.  It's just very up and down.  Regardless, it feels good to know there are only 50 days left 'till our due date and it's very exciting!
Here is a picture recap of the last couple of weeks:

Mom and Mother-in-Law at the baby shower
 The only picture of any decoration I really got.  It's a bummer I only got this one because Aunt Nancy did such an amazing job decorating the whole house. Even in the pictures above we had tons on cute decorations but we took them down before we took the pictures... bad planning on our part. =(

Jeff even snuck in a couple of gifts of his own.  Very unexpected and very cool.  Since he's doing an Ironman in August he bought a matching outfit for baby.  Along with an ESPN outfit because he didn't buy it I wouldn't have. No doubt that's going to be one of the first outfits Jeff puts baby in when he gets the chance.

 Finally, we did get a great picture of the three pregnant girlies at the shower.  It's so fun we all get to be pregnant together.  So far two out of three of us are having boys, so here's to hoping for a third!

After I got home from the shower I literally put everything away that afternoon.  I also put together most things... I just can't help myself.  I can't see things around the house that need to be done and not do them.  Very OCD.  I did get a little help from Jeff the following day with a couple of things because honestly I was so pooped at the end of the shower day I could barely keep my eyes open.  But it was a great time! =)

And, lastly, my latest pregnancy achievement, my burnt croutons from this weekend.  I had some left over bread I wanted to use up and usually I just make croutons with it.  Most of the time they look like this --> Good Croutons Link.  But yesterday they turned out like bellow.  Completely charred all the way to the core.  Pregnancy brain?  Who knows, I blame it on the Kardashians which I was watching while I had these in the oven until all the sudden I saw smoke coming from the kitchen.  
This was the fastest I've gotten off the couch in a long time.  Before I even opened the oven there was smoke coming out from every side, even the top by the cooktop.  I quickly opened every single window and door upstairs, turned the oven off and finally opened the oven only to have so much smoke come out that I litterally could not see more than a couple feet in front of me.  So I ran to the smoke detector with a towel and fanned it for like forever hoping it wouldn't go off.  It didn't, thank goodness.  I took probably about  36 hours to clear out the smell of burt out of the house...
Stupid Kardashians; so entertaining I burnt my croutons.

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