Thursday, April 4, 2013

Snapseed Iphone App

After downloading a million photo editing apps on my iphone I finally found one that I love. It's as close as you're gonna get to a professional editing software and best of all it's free.  Check out Snapseeds' website for how-to's.  It does take a little bit to get the hang of the app.  It's very detailed and lets you do a lot with your pictures but after messing around with it a couple times is gets much easier.  
Check out my before and after.


Taking pictures with your iphone is such a pain sometimes.  I never feel like indoor pictures turn out great.  I took this in a pretty well lit room and still the above picture was pretty dark.  Snapseed lets you control the brightness as a whole and just certain sections depending on what you want the finished product to look like.

....not to mention all the other cool things it can do. 
(...and yes, that is a a creepy looking doll. We just got it from my mother-in-law.  
Apparently it was Jeffs... Still very creepy)

What do you think?  Will you be downloading Snapseed?


  1. I use photoshop for my "lighting problems" but I expect to have less that before: I discovered a new button on my camera (this weeknd) with which you can set the White Balance. My pictures are now so much better!

  2. thanks for the suggestion! i downloaded it and absolutely love it!
    also thanks for reading the blog! :)

  3. HI Cristina! Karen told me about your blog so I had to check it out! I had to laugh at the cabbage patch doll! My brother has the same one just dressed differently! My mom wanted to throw it out when they moved this year but I wouldn't let her! I took it and now he lives in my basement under the steps! His name is Kit! Paul and Jeff used to play with them when we were little I can still remember! My grandpa hit my brother one time with it over and over till his lip was bleeding-he was like 4! We still laugh about it! My grandpa didnt realize the face was hard! Oh my! You look great!