Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fourteen Weeks

This week was the week of Noah's arms.  He has gotten so much better at using them!  He is so aware that they exist and moves them around any chance he gets.  The best part is now he gives better hugs!

Noah also made a new friend this week. We named him Rufus.  He loves to chew on him and give him hugs.
  • How old is Noah?:  14 Weeks
  • Noah is how big?: 16lbs
  • Sleep: We're making about ten hours at night on the good nights, maybe eight on the not so good nights.  We try and do his last feed between 8-9 and then half the time he makes til till fiveish the other times he makes it until between seven and seven thirty.  Overall, he's doing great.  Can't complain.
  • Milestones: His head strength is much better. Pretty close to being 100%.  He's doing great on standing up with help but carries all of his weight on his own.  He just needs a little help with the wabblyness.  And finally he started to grab items that you put near him.
  • Baby "Win" of the Week:  I was sitting on the floor cross legged as I was holding Noah in the standing position facing towards me.  Noah leans forward and "Blagh!...." Pukes all over moms legs and feet and somehow completely missed any part of Noah.  Of course.  Lucky for me, my legs caught it all and none of it got on the carpet.  Noah 1 - Mom&Dad 0
  • What Mom misses: I'm actually doing pretty good this week.  Went to get a hair cut and had a nice shopping trip at target and carters without Noah.  Granted, I shopped just for him, but it was still a nice time away from home. 
  • Best Moment of the Week:  Noah has slept between 8-10 hrs a night almost all this week. Finally feeling like he might be getting it.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Work was great, but I have a whole week off because Jeff will be gone all week at training.  Looking forward to spending some time with Noah. And as a side note, since I get up at 5:30a to go to work in the morning, next week I will be getting to "sleep in" (as long as Noah lets me) 'till about seven all week! ....oh, the changes of parenthood. =)

It's the little moments like this when you realize how fast he's growing up! 
Thank goodness! ;-)

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  1. You baby win of the week is too funny! This post in general makes me so excited for our little one to arrive (due in December) and start having milestones of her own. Have a great week :)