Monday, September 16, 2013

Three Month Favorites

Since Noah is past the three month mark I'd like to recap on some of my favorite items Noah used.  I found that when you register as a first time mom it's hard to figure out what you'll use and what you'll like.  Every mom is different and I'm sure every baby likes different things too, but this is what worked well for us. 

1. Target Circo Onesies - These are so great.  They are super cheap and sooo cute.  For my showers I got a lot of nice clothes but we found that onesies are the easiest thing to have a baby in.  Also, since my child grows like a weed, he grew into new sizes every couple of weeks and this is a cheap way to re-stock some sizes you may not have enough of.
2. Boon Lawn Drying Rack - So amazing.  I love to keep all my bottles organized and super clean and this is a great way to do that.  This way, they aren't all mixed up with your regular dishes and you aren't losing and the little pieces.
3. Sophy the Giraffe - Just recently we've been using this more. I can see it's going to stick around for a while.  Child wants to constantly eat something and since he wont take a pacifier, its either his fists or this.  I choose this.
4. Boppy Pillow - I know everyone has heard of this and for a good reason.  The first month it was a great help for breastfeeding but once Noah got bigger we didn't need it.  I thought I was all done with it but I was wrong.  We still use it for a ton of things.  It's a great pillow for your husband to lay on in the morning when he's tired but still has to watch your baby.  We use it a lot to help Noah prop up so he's in a sitting position, and he really enjoys tummy time much more since he's a little more elevated then flat on the play gym.
5. Skip Hop Play Gym - There are so many of these out there, honestly you could pick any of them.  This one is the one we chose because I liked that it wasn't super babyish. Really though, any gym would do.  Your baby will just love to play with all the toys.  Plus it's better than a blanket so the spit up doesn't get all over your carpet. 
6. Swaddle blanket with velcro - Noah is super strong.  The regular swaddle blankets made their way out after a couple of weeks.  This keeps them pretty snug minus the occasional release of a hand.  I will say though he sleeps much better swaddled tight.  Especially on the nights it gets a little colder in the house. 
7. Stroller Links - Yet to be used in the stroller but these are all over the play gym attached to all the loops and Noah plays with them like crazy.  He loves to grab on to them and look at all the colors.  He's entertained for at least a good twenty minutes.

And there you have it.  The things we've used the most the past three months.  
You can find all of these items for sure at Target, but I'm sure other places too.
Hope this helps some new mamas!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly on numbers 1 & 7. I only wish they had something like #2 when we had little ones.
    I'm enjoying watching Noah grow.

  2. bookmarked!!, I love your website!