Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So close!

First off, I'm back to work and loving it! It's just what I expected; a nice break from baby life where I can talk to adults and have some me time.  Read the news, update my blog... oh ya, and work from time to time!
The best part about being back to work is when I get home, for the most part, I'm pretty excited to see Noah.  I do lots of cuddling and kissing and I love to see what he's been up to all day.

I feel like things are starting to pick up around the house.  The last week Noah seems to have changed so much.  He's doing so many new things and old things much better.  We got him to sit in the bumbo and although he doesn't stay in it too long he does seem to like to sit up and look around.  

This week I also took him on a walk in his big boy stroller.  I feel like it has to be so much nicer for him to be able to look forward and out into the world.  He was very content and very quiet; I'm sure taking everything in.  Of course I want him to grow up so fast I tried a new hat on him and even though his head was too small I figured he doesn't notice the difference and I think he's cute so I made him wear it anyway.  He's just really looking like a little man already. It's hard to believe it's only been three weeks. 

Tummy time is finally improving after weeks and weeks of very poor effort by Noah.  I swear he just thought it was fun to lay on his tummy and eat the play mat.  All of the sudden though he must have decided it was time to raise his head and take a look around, and jeez he's pretty good at it.  I knew he had it in him, he was just being a little lazy. Can't say he doesn't get that from me though. 

...and finally, and the thing I'm most excited about, I'm pretty sure this kid is about to roll over.
I got the worst picture ever in the frenzy that was going on.  Just out of nowhere he starts flailing his legs all over the place and then I realize what could happen at any moment so I pull out my phone and start taking as many pictures as possible.  Of course none of the pictures turned out because of all the excitement, but I will say that those ten minutes were probably the best ten minutes of my day yesterday.  

I'm gonna be so bummed if I miss this!

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  1. He is such a cutie!!!! Just like his shirt says "Captain Cutie"