Tuesday, November 26, 2013

24 Weeks

Noah is 24 weeks and almost six months! (Well, last Friday anyway)  As I mentioned earlier, we actually have family pictures on his six month birthday which will work out great. I'm sort of crazy like that and love when these things fall on completely perfect days.  Now when he sees these pictures I can say, "Noah, you were EX-ACT-LY six months! Haha... it's ok, judge me.  Also, still have not figured out what we're going to wear.... still need to go through my closet and figure out what I want to wear since I change outfits a million times outside of mom life; then I can figure out everyone else. =)

Ok, on to Noah updates. 

  • How old is Noah?:  24 Weeks
  • Noah is how big?: 20ish lbs
  • Stats: Size 3 diapers |  6 or 6-9mo clothing | Full (LARGE) head of fuzzy hair minus his bald "sleeping" spot. (Just like an old man except lower =) | Still has sweaty feet | Abs of steel |
  • Sleep: We finally dropped the 9:30 feed and is now doing his last feed at 7:30p.  He's still sleeping great till about 7-7:30a.  I could not be happier with the way he sleeps at night.  Day time though is still a crap shoot.  Noah has been taking about four naps during the day with the first one being about an hour and a half and the rest between 30-60mins. We're looking to possibly get his to sleep two longer naps and a little capnap before dinner.  Problem is you gotta keep the kid up longer and when he's grumpy and ready for bed he lets you know, and it's usually way earlier than I would want. So, we're still working on it.  Trying to extend his awake time in hopes for longer naps but who knows. Noah's the boss.
  • Milestones: He's sitting much stronger and grabs everything in sight.  His walking is out of control.  Like Jeff mentioned to me this morning, he gets such momentum on the walker in the kitchen he runs up into the carpet so far that he can't back himself off.... but super funny to watch.
  • Mom Check-in: I'm actually doing pretty good this week.  We seem to have a good schedule which really helps me know what to expect which keeps me less stressed. I went to see Catching Fire last week (great sister date) and even put on some real non uniform clothing  for work today.  It's the little things in life that make you smile... and feel like you did before children.  You really do take non-kid life for granted until you know what you're missing.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Catching Fire was great.  Can't wait to see the rest of the movies. (did you know there is gonna be two more? because that was news to me 'till a couple of days ago and I'm semi-disappointed I'll have to wait for the fourth)
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to:  I'm excited for Thanksgiving this week and excited to see my mom.  She always gets to excited to see Noah and how fast he grows.  I'm also looking forward to finishing of some Christmas shopping and getting started on some Christmas projects I've dug up on Pinterest. 
One of those being this:

If you don't already follow Little Baby Garvin, you should.  The things she comes up with are great.  She's super creative which I love and best of all she's very festive which I definitely could work on.  I don't feel like our family ever grew up doing a lot of celebrating and I'd really like to make sure Noah gets excited for the special days.

 And finally in honor of my Alma Mater winning their latest football playoff game, I leave you with this:


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