Friday, November 22, 2013

Love/Hate List

Love - Getting major things accomplished at work first thing in the morning.  It makes you feel like you started your day off right.  Paid some bills this morning, made my whole schedule until mid-June, took some time off for the rest of the semester, planned out baby-sitting days needed and cleared out my e-mails. Down to one! Feels great!

Love - Auto correct fails.  I laughed so hard! Link HERE.

Love - Little baby laughs.

Hate - This terrible cold weather Michigan is offering today.  It's supposed to snow and get down to the low 30's.  Good thing I get to work inside in a warm office. Could you imagine being the ticket meter maids downtown? Or the people who walk around the city and pick up garbage?  No fun at all.

Love -  How grown up Noah is getting.  In the last month he has gone from baby to toddler so fast.  He's so much more interactive.  He smiles so much and is such a happy baby.  He is very laid back and just hangs out no problem. 

I'm super excited to get Noah's six month pictures done here in the next couple of weeks.  It'll be a great time for a good family picture.  I've been looking for ideas for clothing for all three of us.  Since it's before Christmas but after fall I don't know wich route I want to take.  We wont be doing these pictures early enough for Holiday cards so maybe just winter snugly sweater clothing is the way to go.
Is anyone else doing winter pictures? What clothing are you going with?

I have however bought Noah's Christmas dinner clothing.  12 month sweater and pants! He is so big and kind of great because I've noticed that once you hit the 12 month clothing mark things just get so much cuter.  The clothing is so much more adult and there aren't many rabbits and dogs all over. Seems like the older Noah gets the easier everything else gets too! I love it!


  1. Love,love getting things done early in the morning too before noon most times! yes stay warm up there in MI! We are here in NC but not nearly as cold. Today it is supposed to be 70,but tomorrow 60. The weather here is dodgy to say the least:/

  2. He is looking so happy in those photos. Love those cheeks!
    We are getting pictures next week and going for a low key holiday look with red and black. No Christmas jewelry or background, but they should work for the cards we will order, at either walgreens or vistaprint, wherever we can get the best deal.