Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweater Weather Musts

I was just chillin at work yesterday, talking on the phone, not really paying attention to anything when bam!, I look out the window and I see S N O W!!! I mean, I guess it is November... but how did it get here so fast? I feel like it was just summer and things were peachy and then we had Noah and now it's snowing. Yes, that's pretty much how it went. Life just passes by so quickly. 

And I'm thinking about how this week is super sucky because I get to see Jeff for a total of maybe 40 minutes all week until I get home from work on Friday.  I'm trying to look at the positives though. We have most of the weekend of together including Monday. We're going to see Shrek the Musical and honestly, the most exciting thing right now is that I'm going to wear real clothes.  Not my uniform for work, not pjs, t-shirts or sweatpants... but maybe like a dress or a nice shirt that wont get ruined by puke. Which brings me back to this weather.... It's cold outside and I need to go shopping for some cute sweater weather items! =) 
Can you see a pattern... loungy, (is that even a word?) soft and comfy clothing is all I'm craving right now. 
What happened to me wanting to dress cute? Haha.... such is life. 
one | two | three | four

Anyway, can't shop for myself without shopping for Noah. 
He would look like such a stud in these outfits. 
Ladies all over him. =)
1. Top | Pants | Shoes
2.  Top | Pants | Shoes
3. Top | Pants | Shoes 

Those baby shoes just kill me! Agh! 

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