Friday, October 17, 2014

Citrus Lane Giveaway!

Thank goodness it's Friday!  I'm so ready for the weekend to begin and get to spend a little quality time with Noah. It's seems this week was just so busy and I catch myself at night thinking how little time I actually spent playing with Noah.  We have a birthday party to go to this weekend and hopefully some dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the weekend we'll spend relaxing, I hope.

Also on the schedule I'm hoping to get a lot of cooking done so we have leftovers for the week.  Noah has been a great helper and watches everything I do in the kitchen.  As long as he's sitting on the counter next to me he's content the whole time. 
It's also getting much cooler outside and before you know it the snow will be here so I'm hoping so soak up the best of this fall weather with some walks around the neighborhood and playtime in the back yard.  And now that the winter subject has been brought up, I've already been thinking about winter gear for this guy and got him these little mittens.  But have you ever tried to put mittens on a toddler?  They are so worthless as their hands are like jello.  Good thing we have at least a month to figure out how to get those bad boys on.

But until winter gets here, lets get prepared for some toddler activities we can do inside.  Citrus Lane is giving away two boxes of their monthly subscription to one of you guys.  This subscription box is so great because it's centered for a child of the age you request.  You type in their birthday and they'll only give you items and activities appropriate for your child.  As I typed in Noahs age I got a couple examples of what would be in my box.  A fun dinner plate, a cuttle little backpack to stuff their little stuffed animals, some toys and even some snacks!  Enter below to win this for your little one!

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