Monday, October 20, 2014

Mommy Noah Time

As promised to Noah it was all about enjoying the outdoors this weekend as we're approaching winter and snow.  It's was actually a little cold for my taste already.  I am not looking forward to all the snow!  Noah took out his trusty mower and walked up and down the lawn over and over.  Then ran around the house in circles exploring new areas as he went.

We're lucky where we live we're so close to the beach and the city.  We're next to a college full of young people but also surrounded by corn fields and farms.  It's like the best of everything wrapped up in one.  In our little neighborhood we can walk a couple of blocks and butt up right up to a dairy farm. We're been taking Noah there since he was born but never really showed interest.  Now that we're learning a little more about animals he seems to be getting that they are actually cows and not giants dogs so we've been working hard on all the animals noises including our cows.

He seemed to enjoy it a ton this time around.  Made the cow noises the whole time and we sat and watched them for a good half hour while I snapped some pictures.  Mommy/Son bonding at it's finest.

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