Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Cuddles and a Climbing Baby

I worked all weekend, what a drag.  Noah had daddy daycare and I'm sure he loved every minute.  When they are together it's just so chill, and with me the kid is so emotional.  I don't know how Jeff does it.  I wont complain though.  I got my fair share of couch cuddles while Noah tried to figure out the password for my phone.

He's also started the dreaded "climb on anything" stage. We were pretty close by during these pictures but once in a while we catch it trying to climb on something all the way across the room and we sprint dive trying to catch him before he kills himself.  The worse problem right now is when he chooses to use his pirate ship on wheels as his stool to get on higher things and obviously the wheels do him absolutely no favors.  If we can get him to grow a couple more inches he should be able to get on most things and hopefully he will be more satisfied.

Overall, slow weekend for mom over here.  I missed being away from Noah all weekend. Especially with overtime at work.  I will say though I got to catch up on all the fall premiers and some of them are really good!.  Scandal and Grey's right at the top for me.  My new favs though are Red Band Society and Scorpion.  Those have some good potential.  What are you watching this fall? 

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